Make Candles in the Canning room - Bridgemasters Brewing Co

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Come Make candles in the Canning room 

April 25

6pm-830 pm


Bridgemasters Brewing Co - 29 Beckwith st east Perth



Enjoy an evening out learning all about candles, while you’re making your own. 

You will learn some of the tricks of the trade as a candle Chandler while making your own personalized Soy candles.

Gain knowledge about container candle making and its components, including wicks and curing. Explore a variety of fascinating wax, aromatherapy, and crystal products. Customize your own unique creation by experimenting with a selection of chemical-free scents.

Use crystals to adorn your personalized candle.
At the end of the workshop you will have your own hand poured candles to keep for yourself or gift to a friend.
Why a candle workshop?
One, it’s a fantastic way to get a bunch of people together to create their own unique candles.

Two have some fun finding your sig scents

Three, also teaches safe Candle practices.

Your personalized Spring Scented candle to keep or give as a gift.

Beverage of choice at arrival



Percentage of each ticket sold from Candle workshops, will be donated to organizations with programs that benefit First Responders, Armed Forces Members, and Veterans suffering from PTSD