Where did these candles come from?

Where did these candles come from?
I started doing my candles in the kitchen for therapy. My life had done a 180 in a way that completely flipped everything that was normal, on its head. My body that was once so strong and active, suddenly started to break down because of an Auto-Immune disease. I was no longer able to do all of the things that I loved. Work, fitness, swimming, simple day to day activities even became so incredibly difficult.
When we find a place where we think we have it all together and the rug is pulled out from underneath you. You have only 2 choices. Stay down, or get back up. I struggled hard yet managing to pull myself back up.
I had to find things I could still enjoy no matter how little it may seem. I have always loved candles, crystals and essential oils. I went on a hunt for candles. I hit Homsense, winners,Every décor store and so, so many online stores. Trying to find the perfect scents to bring some light in. My husband started to notice a lot of soot sticking to walls and the ceiling. I didn’t want to stop burning candles, so I did my own research. I discovered that using soywax with specialized wicks, will burn cleaner. Leaving NO MORE SOOT!!!!
So, began my venture into making my own candles. Making candles became a way for me to not only use aromatherapy for my own mental health wellness, but also incorporate crystals with them. Through much trial an error, I was making some fantastic candles. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, why not use Reiki techniques while I make them?? The candles brought me so much joy and serenity, I just had to share it with everyone!!!
My candles are made from 100% soy wax, Hemp wicks and the fragrances have no Paraben and are Phthalate Free. So not only are they an amazing and long lasting burn… but will hopefully fill your soul with the light that they bring me when they are being made!!!!
Love and light,
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