Uncover your divine potential with our exclusive self-care workshops,

"Find Your Inner Divinity." This series includes a variety of meditations, breathwork, and specialized workshops, including manifesting dream book/vision board and journaling.  After years of studying and getting certified in many different complementary modalities, I have come up with this beautiful arrangement of workshops that will put you first.  Some of these modalities include Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Meditation Instructor, Holistic healing Coach, LIfe purpose Coach, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Sound medicine healer.  Just to name a few.

This is a beautiful series for anyone but especially for Women who are experiencing change in their life.  As Women, we are always something to someone else other than our selves.  We are Daughters, sisters, mothers, Aunts, friends, wives, grandmothers.  Being unequivocally there for so many people but we always tend to put ourselves last. 

Self care should be the first thing introduced to girls as they transition to young women.  So they never lost themselves as we do tend to do.  But,  Its never too late, so we shall begin now. 

Come with me on this journey 

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