As someone who loves a good love story, I wanted to create beautiful keepsake candles for a couple to enjoy long after their special day. 
whether it’s just for the wedding party itself or candles to be given as keepsakes, each candle is crafted with Reiki being done throughout the entire candling making process. Not only raising the vibrations of the candle itself, but it also is a gorgeous way to have guests remember your special day with love and light.

Working with you both to find and create your own unique personal scent is so amazing as it will embody both of your personalities. Sent that is yours and yours alone. Let’s make your wedding one that keeps your love and light a glow to all that shared the perfect day with you.  


Wedding planning is in full gear already for 2024
We will sit together to discover each of your signature scents. I will then create a one if a kind blend for your candles that will be as unique and beautiful as your wedding.

Pick from table candles, head table candles, bridal party, family of the couple and of course wedding keepsakes.
How amazing to have both personalities blended into a custom couple scent that will always bring whomever smells the candles, back to your day. 


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