Bali Temple Blessings

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I am back from my amazing trip to Bali!!!
I have come back with more knowledge, less anxiety and some extra sprinkles of creativity.

While I was in Beautiful Bali, 🌸 I had the pleasure of finding one of the best aromatherapists around.
Not only did we find some perfect scents to bring back for our new Bali-Nspired lines, we had them made specifically.
The beauty of Bali can never be replicated unless you are actually in Bali. So, the best I can do, is make some beautiful 100% Soywax candles that can transport you via scent, to some amazing places in Bali.

The first is temple Blessings.
At our healing retreat (which was incredible), we were honoured to be a part of the blessing ceremonies inside the different temples. This candle smells just like the gorgeous incense and flowers that are offered in ceremonies.
The scent was curated in Bali and I am so excited to bring it to you!!

Made in gorgeous pineapple vessels, they are perfect to reuse as a fancy butter(or sugar) dish. 🙌🏼


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