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Chakra's are the energy centers within the human body.
There are 7 main Chakra's. Root, Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown.
Each Chakra system has its own attachment to the body, Physically, mentally and spiritually. Maintaining the balance within your Chakra's is absolutely life changing.
These candles are specific to each chakra through scent and crystals inside. During the entire Candling process, I personally do reiki aimed at the chakra center for the highest of good.

Ace your base - Root Chakra
Sacred Sacral - Sacral Chakra
Trust your gut - Solar Plexus
What about love -Heart Chakra
Speak your mind - Throat Chakra
Third Eye Open - Third eye
Straighten your crown - Crown Chakra

All candles are made with Aromatherapy techniques blended uniquely for the purpose to raise your vibrations.
Crystals infused through the Candles have been Reiki and/or Moon charged
Made with 100%Soy wax hand poured in small batches.

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