Energy Healing as a Complementary modality

Energy Healing as a Complementary modality
We live in a world where everything is available at your fingertips, but we tend to forget to be kind to ourselves. Energy is a part of everything around you. It Vibrates at frequencies that we cant hear or see.  However, we feel.
The more depleted your body gets through stress, pain, and negativity, the more stagnant your energy becomes.  Like a river that is blocked by a dam.  The build up with continually grow when the water cant freely move through the river bank.  Eventually busting out over the top and sides, creating a bursting and overflow of water that can damage everything in its path..  So keeping this rivers water in a natual ebb and flow, will maintain the integrity of the fluid motion moving forward.
Through complementary modalities of energy healing like Reiki, you can realign your energy system so that it flows at a higher vibration and brings some peace within your body.
An unsettled energy system causes so many physical, mental and spiritual ailments.
Being more aware of the energy that exists in every single thing around, embracing that energy and being kinder to yourself, will bring you to a place where you can let go, and follow the path you were meant to journey down.
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